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Welcome to DECABOW®

DECABOW® stands for highest quality and energy efficiency in bow building. The Carbon Longbow of the innovative Austrian enterprise Tischlerei + CNC Deutscher is among the fastest longbows on the market.

Carbon, wood and applied geometry

The secret of the DECABOW® is its special geometry. Particular is also the laminated backing on back and belly made of UD-carbon. This backing is one reason for the incredible force of this longbow.


On this website you also find a shop, where we sell the DECABOW® .We ship worldwide, we accept bank transfer and Cash & Carry payment.


DECABOW® Klassik X Dream

We had a dream, a X Dream and finished in a new DECABOW® Klassik-Series with three marvelous innovations. Grip, limbs und tips are i ... read more