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DECABOW ® - Shopholder
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DECABOW® Klassik X Dream 801206

RH Carbon Longbow 37 lbs / 28" / 71"

DECABOW® Klassik X Dream, the ultimate innovation.
1. Mass tuned asymmetric grip section with 400 grams.
2. New shape of the limbs, 40% less mass and air resistance.
3. Superlight 2,7 gram tips made from 775 aviation alloy.

The Bow fits all international reglementations like IFAA and Worldarchery. The most common quality is its target stability. The woods we used are: Padouk, wenge, ash tree, walnut, cherry and damped acacia. The limbs are made of a superslim tapert ash core backed with unidirectional carbon on back and belly. Bow test

€ 750,00

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The bow accords the international rules.

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