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DECABOW® F01 Slimline-Series

Remarkable design, extreme attributes and ultimate lightweight. The DECABOW® F01 Slimline is a individual among modern longbows. At present the early modell of the DECABOW® F01 is used successfully in tournaments by young archer Damian Maichin.

Highest speed at low draw-weight

The F01-Series shows exceptional advantages at low draw-weights arround 26-35 pounds. For this bow we use a very thin core in the grip area. The thin grip fits your hand mostly as a traditional Longbow and the flat frontside saves you from clutching the bow.

The difference between DECABOW® Klassik and DECABOW® F01

The difference is easy to explain: There is none except the innovation in the grip area of the F01 Slimline. The carbonlamination on the belly passes through. Therefore the energy effeciency is even higher, especially at low draw-weights and shooting 5/16 arrows.




DECABOW® Klassik X Pure

DECABOW® X Pure, the ultimate full carbon version of the X Dream.

The Bow is made of several laye ... read more