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DECABOW® Klassik-Series, Design, 5th..

The marvelous longbow with its extreme length of 71 inches really lives up to its name. The stave is out of one single peace of wood and tapered both-way on a hardwooden grip. The bow is coated with a layer of carbon, 98 % of the fibers run unidirectional. The energy efficiency of this material is outstanding, but the processing is difficult and takes a lot of time.


We always have some bows in stock. Draw-weights from 30 to 70 pounds can be processed in the DECABOW® Klassik-Series. Grip and geometry of the limbs can be fitted to customer requirements.

Fastflight and how to string a DECABOW®

The DECABOW® proves his strength by using the included 12-string Fastflight string. You can as well shoot superlight carbon arrows, it will not harm the bow. Particular is the innovative stringing method of the DECABOW®: a simple cord with two loops is used as stringing cord. Because of the geometry of the tips the string easily slips along the cord in its resting position. The stretching cord is included.




DECABOW® Klassik X Pure Hunt

DECABOW® X Pure Hunt, the aggressive short version.

The Bow is made of several layers unidirectional ca ... read more