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DECABOW® Klassik X Dream-Series

This is the newborn of our house. Its new in the area of the grip, the tips and the tiller shape of the limbs. Even the weight is a little higher because of a wonderful secret. Its the most common longbow for startic target shooting and competition archery. It is fast, very easy to draw and firstly it works high efficient to proceed the Klassik below 35 pounds. The energy efficiency is around 77 % if you use an 9 grain/lbs arrow.

The grip

Lets start at the grip section. The first point is, it is asymmetric, weightbalanced and perfect fits the pivot point with no thinking about. A lot of expirience of compoundbow shooting influence in this innovation. "Never cross the liveline", is the magic sentence and the X Dream will listen.

The tip

The second massive innovation is the tip. It is made out of 775 aviation alloy and proceeded like a sleeve. It weights only 2,7 grams and was constructed and developed by our one. This is not just for increasing the performance in case of lowering the limb weight. It also saves the bow if you unfortunately set it down on a concrete floor.

The limbs

And the third big thing is the new shape of the limbs. The reflex deflex design is same as in the DECABOW® Klassik-Series but it is approximately half time narrow. This reduces friction energy lose, windresistance, and limb weight. Opposite to the standard Klassik-Series this bow is 5 to 7 % more effective. This guaranties a very less vibration of the bow after the shoot when it is terminating remaining energy.
The word handshock the X Dream never heard.


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